Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In the Heatwave Behind Chinatown

Spent all of yesterday downtown, where I first hauled my ass down to pick up my passport and visa (will explain in a later post)in the morning. Then popped down to Queens street, after which I had gone completely bankrupt)

So shown here are some of my/our favourites shopping hunts in dt Toronto, excluding all the departmentalized stores. There's Kensington Market for all your accesorizing desires and need for silkscreened tees, all stamped with the likes of The Beatles to Agness Deyn. Unfortunately, I got there towards the end of the day, so much of the more interesting stalls were closed (ahem! Courage My Love)

Then, fighting against sweltering heat and hunger, we trudged to Ossington and Queens where Jonathan + Olivia and I Miss You are located. Now you may or may not know but Jonathan+Olivia carries the only TopShop line available in Toronto, so you can imagine my ecstasy when they announced their opening a couple of months ago. Sady, the three times I've been there, I've been disappointed. To begin with, the lack of variety and quantity of clothes is one thing, but also the rotation of it. The salesclerk keeps on promising that new and better things will come every two weeks, but I have yet to see anything that really made my eyes pop.

I Miss You on the otherhand, is definitely one of my favourites in DT Toronto. Even though I haven't bought anything there yet, the selection of vintage brand names there is very impressive and at an even more impressive price. The hold things ranging from Stella McCartney to Dior! I had seen a vintage Coach clasp bag, the classic ones without of the horrible C's slapped all over, but was rather indecisive as to whether I should buy it. I am flat broke, you see. Regretably, it was gone by the time I decided to go back and buy it yesterday. Ok, Lesson Learnt!

Beloved readers, you will be seeing and hearing more from me now that it's summer and I'm free from the clutches of school and other such obligations!


P.S- update on the website banner situation; I have a friend working on it so hopefully it'll be ready in another week. Can't wait to have a proper one, instead of the mundane typewriting uptop right now.