Wednesday, October 6, 2010

alber elbaz, lanvin

 Freja reminds me, and many others, of Mick Jagger. Anything resembling the Rolling Stones is a definite plus!
 How can you not love Liu Wen? And considering Karlie Kloss is the same age as me.....oohhhh, depressing thoughts!

I cannot begin to express how much I love Lanvin's 2011 S/S collection! Just THE most amazing designs, what with the audaciously flowing skirts outlining the model's silhouette, the asymetrical knot tied lazily yet gracefully across shoulders and I love the huge, thick multiple-tied belt trend going on!

I don't know what Alber Elbaz is doing over there, but he has arguably and single handedly given Lanvin a rebirth! Just can't wait for his collection with H&M to hit stores!!


P.S- is anybody else noticing that Freja, Karlie and Liu Wen are in EVERYTHING?! It's like, it's not a proper show without this Golden Trio (or at least that's what I'm calling it)