Saturday, September 18, 2010

the place where they treat you like a princess (supposedly)

Talula blazer, F21 shirt, Levis jeans, vintage belt, Ecote gladiators & MARC by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag.

Finally got around to actually doing something productive for extracurricular activities! Met up with a friend at Cafe Princess, this Korean version of Starbucks place that has better chairs and cuter teddies. Spent a third of the time actually discussing and the rest of it gossiping haha!

And even more exciting news I finally purchased, with my own &hard earned money, my first designer bag. It's a MARC by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag and although it cost a pretty penny, it was totally worth it! Granted, it's not the biggest bag in the world; it's just big enough to stuff my wallet, keys,cell and camera in there, but it's big enough for now. You gotta start somewhere right?



cy. said...

mmm the close up is a stunner
so simple & pleasing, love the bag!

Cinyi said...

love the outfit ♥
hot hot hot~