Thursday, August 26, 2010

suite 200 on forest hill

So what have I been doing the last week or so that prevented me from blogging? Well, frankly, extremely glamorous things like mopping around the house avoiding the heat, eating unimaginable amounts of carbs and sleeping in late causing permanent bedhead.

But between my obviously busy schedule, I've managed to make a couple of treks downtown and to my local mall to rummage through some vintage clothing stores (bought nothing), get some back to school clothes and wax my bushy brows (hurt like a b***ch!).

Did I mention that I've spent so much time working at the pool that my hair has been bleached a different colour? Old friends that I havn't seen in awhile have asked me whether I've dyed it or not. Gr, will have to dye it pitch black before school, which is quite ridiculous as I would only be dying it back to its original colour!

I'm also thinking of cutting my hair short. Like, BOY short. Think Agyness Deyn. I know I know, but I've painfully bored with long hair and maintaining it just takes up too much time. I've been with this short hair idea for a long time now, should I get it cut? Leave comments below!

Gonna go now before anyone realises that I'm only posting a crazy long post to hide the fact that I don't have any new pics to post.


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